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Safety News

Industry Safety Information and Alerts

Mandrakes top priority is ensuring that it is up to date with the latest information in the construction industry and safety sector.

Mandrake HSE Update

Review the Mandrake HSE Quarterly Report for a snapshot of Mandrake's current safety position and future outlook

Demolition Qualified

Mandrake prides itself in the quality of the supervisors it supplies to its clients for construction management.

Recently Mandrake’s Structural, Mechanical and Piping supervisors all completed their Demolition training meaning that Mandrakes has the capability to supply competent supervision for demolition work as stated under the Workplace Health and Safety act and Regulations.



Servicing BP Australia

BPLogoFinished As the leading supplier of Construction Management Services to BP Bulwer Island, efficiency is at the core of the Mandrake Philosophy. It's what sets us apart.

Project Management for Shell Australia

shellLogoFinished With a leading attitude to project management, Mandrake has been recently accepted as a major supplier of project management to Shell Australia

Professional construction management

iStock-construction_SMALLWith a strong focus on deliverables, Mandrake Enterprises provides dedicated Engineering Procurement Contract Management (EPCM).

Having formed in 2002,  Mandrake Enterprises has grown rapidly, and today is a major supplier of EPCM to BP (Bulwer Island) and project management to Shell Australia.

With a number of multi-million dollar projects completed, Mandrake is forging on to become a leading supplier of EPCM in the Australian market.

Quality, safety & accountability

At the core of the Mandrake philosophy is a dedication to competency: quality, safety and accountability.

Completing projects on time is the critical outcome, but there are a number of other deliverables that Mandrake provides

  • Onsite & offsite collaboration
  • Regular reporting to management
  • A commitment to safety
  • Accountability throughout the project

Professional project management from start to finish


It's Mandrake's dedicated approach to total quality management that ensures a well rounded and complete process to projects of all sizes.

Over the past 8 years, we've worked with to a number of companies

  • Pacific Terminals
  • ALMC
  • Consolidated Rutile Limited
  • Industrial Contract Designers
  • BP (Bulwer Island)

Recently, we've completed a number of significant projects on the Bulwer Island site, meeting all expectations, and with a fantastic safety record.

  • New Flare Infrastructure Project including complete new Flare systems and vessels for Hydrocarbon, Sour Gas and Acid Flares. $125m
  • Hydrogen Compressor to enable more process hydrogen to be injected into the Hydro-Cracker to give a greater fuel yield. $45m
  • Replacement of all platforms and access ladders and stairs and electrical systems to three process columns whilst still in operation $3.5m
  • Management of the replacement of main overhead pipeline to the crude Oil Splitter Column in a planned shutdown of 6 days.

We are available to discuss upcoming projects, and looking to expand our network of companies for whom we provide services.  Please contact us to discuss your needs